Rob Buschkens

Rob Buschkens has practiced as a psychotherapist for almost 20 years, specializing in addictive behaviors. Prior to going into private practice and establishing The Neuro Training Clinic he was the administrator and chief counselor of the Addiction Help Agency, a therapeutic community facility, which he co-founded.

Rob was one of the first to offer Neurofeedback in Australia, and is a foundation member of the Australian Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Inc. His specialization in Neurofeedback came as a result of his continued search for effective treatment modalities for his youngest daughter, who has had severe brain-injury since birth. Hence, his particular interest to the application of Neurofeedback for epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, and learning disorders.

Clinical service delivery at The Neuro Training Clinic incorporates counseling, group therapy, Neurofeedback and E.D.S., with focus on treatment for addictions, ADD/ADHD, depression and anxiety disorders. The Neuro Training Clinic is located at: 10 Miller Street, in ParramattaPark, Cairns, Queensland, Postcode 4870. He can be reached by email at the address above or called at: 61 (0)70 310600.

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