Tom Allen, B.A., C.N.T., R.N.F.P., C.A.A.P.


Tom Allen is currently in private practice with George Lindenfeld, Ph.D., ABPP in Daytona Beach, Florida . He has been a Biofeedback therapist for 12 years and is one of the prominent Neurofeedback practitioners and teachers in the country. He is a frequent speaker at professional meetings and conducts professional training workshops in Neurofeedback practice for psychologists, physicians and other practitioners. He has a book that will be out this fall entitled: Neurofeedback: Theory and Practice. In addition to his practice, he and Dr. Lindenfeld have formed The Institute of Applied Psychophysiology and Neurotherapy where they are training other practitioners in the art and science of integrating Neurotherapy into the art of psychotherapy. The Institute is a nonprofit corporation designed solely for the purpose of education. Its model is based on the programs established in family therapy training institutes around the country.

Tom has been a paid consultant with every major Biofeedback instrument manufacturer on product and software development and is the vice-president of a software development and research firm called Mind Media Labs, Inc. He recently co-developed the new Biograph software from Thought Technology with a team of programmers from Holland and Canada. This new product is the first full multimedia capable Windows based biofeedback software that can be programmed by someone without programming experience.

Tom received his BA from Evangel College and attended Graduate school at George Mason University where he studied psychology and psychophysiology. He spent four years at The Georgetown University Family Center in training and supervision where he studied Biofeedback and Family Systems Theory, and later trained at Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas. After completing his training at Menninger he became a program development consultant and a trainer for the Menninger Center for Applied Psychophysiology.

Over the years Tom has worked as a prison rehabilitation counselor, a probation officer, family therapist and program director in a public mental health agency, and as a long term adolescent addiction treatment program director. Most recently his practice has been specialized in the application of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback in a Neuropsychology practice setting.

His primary patient population is children and adults with neurobehavioral disorders ranging from ADD/ADHD to Autism. On a personal note Tom is active in the Autism society of America and the Tourettes Society of America. He has Tourettes Syndrome and Aspergers Syndrome and is actively involved in the education of the community regarding these rare neurobehavioral disorders. He is working on a book entitled "Sitting in the Mud" which is an account of his own life and other adults who have survived childhood neurobehavioral disorders successfully.

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