Drs. Elsa and Rufis Baehr

E-Mail: e-baehr@nwu.edu

Rufus Baehr, Ph.D. and Elsa Baehr, Ph.D. are clinical psychologists whose practice is largely devoted to psychotherapy. They have been in practice over thirty years, and have been incorporated as Baehr & Baehr, Ltd. since 1980. They had their first Neurofeedback training in 1992 at The Menninger Clinic and since that time have taken every opportunity to take workshops with Steve Stockdale, Joel and Judy Lubar, Barry Sternman, Robert Thatcher, Marvin Sams, to name a few.

The have just recently acquired the Lexicor Newrosearch 24 and are using it both for diagnostic purposes and training. They are involved in a research project along with Peter Rosenfeld, Ph.D. studying brain asymmetries and depression. They are also planning another study with Peter and Scott Yaruss and other colleagues at the Northwestern University Speech Clinic to assess brain asymmetries in dysfluent speakers.

Rufus is a graduate of the University of Chicago, and is a retired full professor from the City Colleges of Chicago. Elsa is a graduate of Northwestern University and currently holds an affiliate staff position in the Northwestern Medical School, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences. They are both licensed psychologists in the State of Illinois and are registered neurofeedback practitioners.

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