Joy Craddick, M.D.


Joy Craddick M.D. earned her medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, is board certified in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology, and is a diplomate of the National Registry of Neurofeedback Providers. She practiced for 15 years in Oakland, California, as a pediatric cardiologist and was director of the fellowship training program in pediatric cardiology at Children's Hospital Medical Center of Northern California. In 1972 she served on the President's Panel for Heart Disease. For 12 years she was an international consultant on quality of hospital care and medical staff issues, and has published extensively in the fields of pediatric cardiology and hospital quality assurance. During this time she became aware that individuals could go beyond the cures of conventional medicine by taking an active role in the healing process.

Since 1988 Joy has studied holistic methods of healing and energy medicine with Jean Houston, Ph.D. of the Foundation for Mind Research, Margaret Nash Rubin of the Center for Sacred Theatre, and Jack Schwarz of the Aletheia Foundation. She has also trained in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback at the Menninger Foundation Center for Applied Psycho-physiology. She is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association and the Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation. Presently located in Ashland, Oregon, her practice, "Partners For Health", is a multi-modal practice in which participants share responsibility for the healing process and learn about orchestrating their own minds, bodies, and psyches. A mixture of onventional medicine, energy medicine, biofeedback, and neuro-feedback is utilized with an emphasis on prevention and holistic healing (body, mind, soul, and spirit.) Neurofeedback is done at present utilizing argaret Ayers' Neuropathways program for closed head injury, migraine headaches, stress related disorders, and various other conditions.

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