Douglas Frans, Ph.D.

frans.gifDr. Frans is in private practice at the Family Center in Little Rock, Arkansas with Ellen Ruth Byars, R.N. in Fayetteville, Arkansas. His clinical interest lies in applying mind/body approaches for both the amelioration of emotional/behavioral symptoms and in the promotion of healthy lifestyles, expanded consciousness and enhanced performance. Ms. Byars' focus is in the area of nutrition and wellness counseling while Dr. Frans employs EEG biofeedback for a variety of patient issues. Dr. Frans is a doctoral social worker holding advanced credentials in that discipline including the ACSW and QSW conferred by the National Association of Social Work. He is a Diplomate with the Registry of Neurofeedback Providers. His lengthy involvement with technological applications in clinical practice lead naturally to an interest and immersion in the neurofeedback field where he has practiced for approximately four years.

NeuroQuest, Inc. has broad experience working with a range of issues which include: addictions and co-dependency, head injury, ADD/ADHD, eating disorders and body image correction, chronic pain management, and trauma survivor issues including PTSD. In addition the practice uses group treatment and family systems approaches to provide interventions with various family disruptions and other collateral issues. The practice philosophy employed by NeuroQuest emphasizes that normal human development and the subsequent manifestation of troubling symptoms is best viewed as a dynamic interaction of the person with his or her social and biological environment and, to this end, interventions must be multifaceted and consider
multifactorial influences. This "bodymind" perspective finds practical expression in client work that relies heavily on nutritional planning and vitamin supplementation, exercise programming, family intervention, in addition to more "intrapsychic" remedies including brainwave training and trauma resolution through experiential therapy. The goal of this multidimensional approach is the achievement of optimal functioning by enhancing personal strengths and integrating the fragments of physical, emotional, and spiritual experience. This corrective empowerment approach emphasizes whole person evolution and the development of more effective life habits.

Dr. Frans has worked in the field of addictions for a number of years and uses brainwave training extensively in his work with this population. In recent years he has had much success with this population using an integrated approach which includes biofeedback, neuro-nutrients, psychosocial support, and spiritual intervention. He also has had heavy involvement in applying
brainwave approaches with adults and children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. Dr. Frans has helped pioneer the implementation of integrated protocols for dually diagnosed groups (especially those suffering from addiction and ADD). Most recently, Dr. Frans and Ms. Byars have systematically applied their knowledge and experience with nutritional products and natural supplements to many client conditions, bringing to bear a rich alternative knowledge base to the traditional medical model which has lead to improvements for specific target problems and to more optimal functional performance in general. NeuroQuest has developed a number of specific vitamin and skin care regimens for specific complaints and has made available for distribution most of the compounds included in the protocols.

Dr. Frans received his Ph.D. at the University of Denver and received his B.A. and M.S.W. at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and was Director of the Social Work Program at the University of Arkansas for several years. He has published in the areas of clinical applications of information technology, personal empowerment, and addiction. Dr. Frans continues his involvement in several ongoing research projects and maintains several writing projects in process. Dr. Frans's
practice has spanned 20 years in both the public and private sectors with an evolution of experience with individuals, groups, and families across the life span. He welcomes your interest in his web site at

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