Rob Kall, M.Ed.


Rob Kall is a speaker, consultant, Organizer, Researcher, software developer, therapist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and organizer of the Key West Brain/Mind Neurofeedback Advanced Colloquium/ meeting, and founding organizer of the World's First Applied, Clinical Surface EMG Advanced Colloquium Meeting. He is in the process of co-editing the Encyclopedia of Biofeedback, which includes several volumes. The first will be on Neurofeedback, co-edited with Joe Kamiya, and Gary Schwartz.

The model or paradigm of bio/neurofeedback espoused by Rob is based on teaching people to reach their peak potential rather than medically treating symptoms and pathology. He believes biofeedback is a tool which helps people to reach their highest potential and this approach can be practiced outside the medical model. He beleives the most exciting part of biofeedback's future is just emerging as a tool for helping healthy people to stretch and grow to be at their best more often in more parts of their being and lives. This can be appleid to peak performance in work, play, consciousness, spirituality, heart, emotions, arts, and the varieties of positive experiences.

Rob has presented on Positivity Training, Positive Experience Training, The Happiness response, Stress Management, biofeedback, surface EMG, Pain management, burnout, biofeedback instrumentation and related themes at numerous national and state professional meetings such as: The American Academy of Pain Management, The Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy, The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, The Canyon Ranch (America's premier health spa), at Fortune 500 companies such as Campbell's Soup, at elementary schools (teachers and students as young as 1st grade,) alcohol and drug treatment facilities, churches, prisons, hospitals, and small businesses. Rob has lectured internationally, as far away as Novosibirsk Siberia (Russia's silicon valley, top secret before perestroika.)

Rob has over 20 years experience as a lecturer trainer in the field of mind-body health and performance. Rob trains the trainers, organizing and lecturing in seminars teaching doctors and other teachers and health care providers how to treat stress, pain, attention disorders, alcoholism and addictions and related disorders. They learn how to teach patients to take control of their lives. Rob is co-editor of the book, Biofeedback; Theory and Practice. He has co-authored and consulted on software used in thousands of corporate, military, health and university facilities worldwide.

Rob is former director of the Pain and Stress Management Program of the Gloria Dei Growth Opportunity Center in Huntingdon Valley, PA and founder of Futurehealth, Inc. . The company publishes cassette and video tapes and multi media packages for pain, stress, habit control, headache, personal growth, and manufactures and distributes computerized biofeedback instrumentation, software and accessories. It has consulted for and includes in its list of 100's of clients: Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, the U.S. Army, Air Force, Naval Academy, Penn., Menninger and Mayo Fdtns. and hundreds of other top universities and clinics.

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