Mary Lambe, Ph.D.

I am a Pediatric Psychologist and mother of two ADD/ADHD children in Private Practice in rural Michigan . I specialize in Neurofeedback treatment of ADD/ADHD adults and children with particular emphasis on socialization and career problems. My particular interest and focus is overcoming the difficulties ADD's have with goal planning and accepting "rules". Implications for the correction of these problems cut across clinical, industrial, and substance abuse fields.

I consider Peak Performance to be an aspect of general good adjustment and personal well-being. It is associated with relaxed work and high motivation. Personal experiences have contributed to my motivation in this field.

I am associated with a team of professionals: two physicians, a social worker, occupational and physical therapists, and a masters-level psychologist. The office is located in a spa and garden setting near Port Sanilac, MI. 100 miles north of Detroit. Autism and ADD are particularly prevalent in this area.

I am a former industrial psychologist for International Chemical Corporation with publications in areas of work attitude, career patterns and executive selection. I also have an extensive treatment history in substance abuse cases, including biofeedback treatment.

I plan to add Continence Biofeedback in '97.

Mary Lambe, Ph.D. treats clients at the Psychological Services Clinic, 1141 North Lake Shore, Port Sanilac, MI 48469 She can be phoned at 622-7805

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