Presently in private practice in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the Health Psychology and Medicine and the ADD Institute. Patients are seen for a wide range of difficulties including Attention Deficit Disorder; traumatic brain injury; seizures; Tourette's Disorder; sleep disorders; anxiety; depression; obsessive compulsive disorders; and chronic headache and other pain disorders. Multidiscilpinary staff includes neuropsychology and social work.

EEG work includes Quantitative Electroencephalography utilizing Lexicor Neurosearch 24. To date, over 300 QEEG's have been conducted. EEG biofeedback has been conducted with over 200 patients. Total patients seen for all forms of biofeedabck is in excess of 800.

Other Qualifications and memberships include:

Licensed Psychologist, Michigan
Member, National Register for Health Care Providers in Psychology
Over 24 years experience with biofeedback including EEG evaluation and treatment.
Founding President of The Biofeedback Society of Michigan
Founding Director of the Graduate Specialty Program in Holistic Health Care at Western Michigan University
Founding Director of the Institute for Holistic Medicine at Borgess Medical Center
Past President of the Society for Open Focus Training
Past Member of the Board of Directors, Academy of Certified Neurotherpists
Certifed Biofeedback Clinician (BCIA)
Certifed EEG Biofeedback Practitioner (BCIA)
Member, Society for the the Study of Neuronal Regulation
Member, Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

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